Softcell’s association with Apple coupled with our expertise in
mobility solutions ensures your enterprise stays ahead of the curve.

Enabling enterprises to transform their business.

Apple is the only mobility company that Softcell partners with. We have deliberately and consciously taken a decision to engage only with Apple, the technology leader in mobility space, in delivering solutions that enable enterprises in transforming their business processes.


Enterprises are embracing mobility in a big way. Your organisation probably could be the next one. But is your mobility

Device Fulfillment

Our device fulfillment services is focused on customers in the enterprise space. We source our products only from Authorised

Device Deployment

Softcell has offices at 6 locations across India. Delivery of the devices is managed by our team locally at these locations

Warranty & Insurance

The asset refresh policy of most enterprise customers requires them to have warranty coverage for 3 to 4 years

Tech Services


As an Apple Authorised Reseller, Softcell delivers a full range of services to enterprise customers from deploying Apple devices in the enterprise across all their locations to application development and technical support.

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

We understand that enterprises have a need to manage device as well as the content / applications in the devices. Most enterprises today have a mix of BYOD/CYOD as well as company owned devices.


Our certified consultants provide classroom training as well as workshops for both end users as well as IT teams of enterprise customers.

Support & handholding

IT teams who are in the process of deploying Apple devices in the enterprise often require support and handholding. Softcell works closely with IT teams during the deployment process.

App Development

Email and Internet browsing are the two key application drivers for mobile device usage. The trend is fast changing to mobile devices being used for in-house applications and services that have the potential to transform the way companies do business.

Enterprises are rapidly embracing mobility to transform their business. Mobile devices offer a great alternative to enterprises to leapfrog competition in terms of response time, productivity and many other competitive parameters. Every industry segment today is adopting mobile apps to improve and transform key aspects of their business processes.

Enterprise Financing

When your enterprise opts for financing, you get to deploy Apple products with minimal up-front investment.

Advantages of Enterprise Financing

  • Life cycles of technology products are different for every enterprise. Softcell works with enterprises to align payment structures that match closely to their technology upgrades.
  • Leasing of IT equipment when planned properly often means paying less over time than an initial cash purchase.
  • Leasing means your enterprise can add devices to the lease at any time during the term and even extend the lease term, if needed.
  • A clearly defined cash flow stream means your enterprise knows what it's technology costs will be during the defined term of financing. That means fewer surprises for the finance department.
  • Enterprise Financing options that fit your requirement

    Enterprises may choose from the following financing options or contact us to discuss other ways financing can support your business needs. Softcell will understand your requirement and engage with the right agency to deliver to your requirement.

  • Leasing: If your enterprise wants the latest devices now, with the option to upgrade every two to three years, we recommend a Fair Market Value Lease. At the end of the lease tenure, your enterprise can return the devices and get new devices, or you can buy the leased devices at its then current fair market value.
  • Deferred payment option: If your enterprise wants to own the devices now but requires option to pay in flexible installments, we recommend the deferred payment option.
  • Get in touch with our Apple specialists for a free assessment today.