Developing apps to transform the way you do business leveraging mobility

App Development

Email and Internet browsing are the two key application drivers for mobile device usage. The trend is fast changing to mobile devices being used for in-house applications and services that have the potential to transform the way companies do business.

Enterprises are rapidly embracing mobility to transform their business. Mobile devices offer a great alternative to enterprises to leapfrog competition in terms of response time, productivity and many other competitive parameters. Every industry segment today is adopting mobile apps to improve and transform key aspects of their business processes.

  • A relationship manager gets the ability to view customer's historic purchase, spend and other key information which offer a great leverage to offer contextual offers.
  • An after sales service rep through a mobile app can read online documentation rather than physically carrying instruction books. The rep has the ability to upload pictures of faulty parts, check the spare part availability and if required also converse with the Service Manager over video call to seek consultation for the service work.
  • A medical representative of pharma company is able to engage his customers (i.e. Doctors) in a way that could never be envisaged a decade back. Mobile apps today make it possible to progress multiple discussions with the Doctor during the 2-3 minutes of interaction that a medical representative typically gets.
  • A retail loan sales person now has the ability to get an automated form filled from the customer and get loan approvals in a matter of minutes.
  • How does Softcell deliver business value?

    Softcell works with enterprise customers through their mobility adoption journey and enables customers to maximise the potential of their mobility roadmap they have envisaged. We specialise in iOS app development and work with an in-house development team, as well as consultants, to deliver mobility apps development services to our customers.