Embrace mobility with our expertise to meet your business goals efficiently


Enterprises are embracing mobility in a big way. Your organisation probably could be the next one. But is your mobility decision sufficiently geared towards the needs and desires of your employees? Do employees in fact have a choice?

Enterprise customers in the process of embracing mobility have to look for creative approach that motivates their employees to actually use the device at work. Our experience in this domain enables us to work closely with the business teams, IT teams, as well as end users, in identifying the best suited form factor for selection of device.

Our team has experience of working closely with many enterprise customers who initially did not consider iOS as a mobility option purely on technological and commercial / pricing considerations.

Through a series of awareness initiatives in the form of tech days, webinars and end user sessions, we educate, convince and enable customers understand the value of iOS. By working closely with Apple and leasing companies, we are able to propose innovative financial solutions to enterprise customers and help them optimise their cost of ownership.