Our expertise across your entire network infrastructure
ensures the highest up time with a lower cost of ownership.


Your workloads rely on the availability and performance of your supporting IT infrastructure. Today’s servers offer a quantum leap in capabilities and features that work to reduce system downtime and simplify data centre architecture and management.

Softcell utilizes these next-generation server technologies with our innovative solutions. The results are faster processing, flexible support for your fluctuating workloads, improved performance and agility, high availability, and reduced total cost of ownership (TCO).

Converged Infrastructure

Hyper-Converged Infrastructures:
Rapid Time-to-Value for Modern IT Organisations

Today’s hyper-converged infrastructure solutions have a come a long way since they were introduced a handful of years ago. A hardware platform that delivers compute, storage, and networking all in one box, modern hyper-converged technologies remain attractive to IT organisations for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the freeing up of valuable time, enabling IT to focus on providing innovation to business.

With a hyper-converged appliance, the configuration, operational, and management aspects are handled by software, offering intelligent automation “out of the box” without integration complexity. IT can simply place an order for an appliance, uplink it into their infrastructure, and go. With such a fast time-to-floor ratio, IT professionals can work on the strategic projects that matter to the organisation.

Softcell offers a wide range of leading-edge Hyper-Converged infrastructure technologies. Call us and we’ll match the right solution to your specific business needs.

Because hyper-converged solutions eliminate data centre silos, troubleshooting issues are streamlined—no need to figure out which of your numerous technologies or systems needs attention. Single manufacturer accountability also eliminates the vendor blame game, speeds up time to resolution, and increases support satisfaction.

Benefits of Today’s Hyper-Converged Infrastructures

  • Streamlined, centralized management
  • Extremely fast time-to-value
  • Ease of Integration + built-in security
  • Software-defined technology
  • Business agility & scalability
  • Reduced storage complexity
  • Lower power costs
  • Smaller data centre footprints

Storage & Data Protection


Your storage system is where all your information sits for your data centre environment. Your users and applications constantly feed data in – and retrieve data from – your storage system. Rising data and user volumes can consume your storage capacity quickly, slow I/O performance, and escalate storage and management costs.

Softcell addresses your critical storage challenges – including scalability and capacity issues – with innovative physical and virtualized storage technology solutions. Our storage solutions are designed to grow with your business and data, offer flexible virtualization, and ensure business continuity with simplified and cost-effective backup and recovery options.


Softcell’s expert storage solution architects and data centre consultants have more than 10 years of experience designing and implementing a variety of storage solutions including:

Storage area network

virtualized iSCSI storage

Network attached
storage (NAS)

centralized storage, file sharing,
and storage consolidation
using iSCSI and Fibre
Channel technology

Direct attached storage

storage arrays for
smaller-scale storage
consolidation, virtualization,
and business continuity solutions

Certified in storage technologies from Dell, EMC, Hitachi, AMI and other leading vendors and skilled in various protocols – including the latest iSCSI, NFS, and Fibre Channel technologies – their data centre consultants ensure that your solution will be implemented using industry best practices for optimal results.

Softcell is partnered with leading storage manufacturers to offer you the very latest in storage technology innovation that is aligned with your specific needs.


Tight budgets and limited resources are pushing organisations to do more with less. IT is no exception. In your data centre, IT executives attempt to reduce costs and resource-intensive tasks through automation, data centralization, and data consolidation. Softcell’s virtualization solutions are a viable alternative that can reduce costs significantly by maximizing the utilization and ROI of the existing IT infrastructure – including servers, storage, and networking.

Higher Availability, Lower Costs

Today’s advanced virtualization software enables servers to accommodate multiple operating systems and applications – dramatically increasing server utilization up to 80%. Softcell’s virtualized solutions apply this technology to centralize and consolidate your servers, storage, even networking infrastructure, making your IT simpler, more available, and less costly to own and manage.

As a VMware Premier partner, Softcell specialists are certified experts in VMware and other leading virtualization technologies. We employ best practices in the design, development, and implementation of all of our virtualized solutions, which include:

Desktop Virtualization and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure – Softcell’s desktop, VDI, and application virtualization solutions offer your workforce streamlined, low-cost, low-management options for accessing their desktops and network applications reliably – anywhere, anytime, and from any device – and deliver a familiar user experience.

Server Virtualization

Softcell simplifies your IT infrastructure through our efficient server virtualization that maximizes server utilization by running multiple operating systems and applications. Centralized operations mean less management and lower costs – from power and cooling to capital expenses – as well as higher availability and better application performance.

Virtual Advantages

Regardless of your business size, Softcell’s virtualization solutions are THE way to lower your IT infrastructure costs, reduce IT management, and maximize your existing IT resources.

Call Softcell for virtualization solutions that can stretch your resources – and give you better performance, higher availability, and peace of mind across your IT infrastructure.


Softcell’s data backup, recovery, and business continuity services provide comprehensive and reliable solutions for your unique system availability and access requirements. From basic backups that can restore lost data and applications after an equipment failure to full-scale disaster recovery (DR) solutions that provide large-capacity and long-term remote user access after a natural disaster – Softcell helps you choose the right technologies and can implement an effective plan that minimizes data loss, ensures system availability – and keeps your business running.

Sized for Your Needs

As many as 60% of small businesses do not have a formal emergency response plan. The reasons range from a perceived high-cost of DR, to prioritizing day-to-day operations over backups. Compliance and regulations in certain industries place further burden on DR implementation. Ultimately, poor planning can result in another form of devastation – more than 25% of businesses do not reopen following a major disaster.

Fortunately, Softcell’s expertise and experience can help you overcome these often overwhelming barriers and ensure your business’ recovery from minor data loss to full-scale disaster. The difference is that our data centre consultants guide you in the design and implementation of a Softcellized data protection environment – complete with the right technologies and appliances – that address your specific business needs.

Network Infrastructure


Your network infrastructure is the backbone of your data centre – the “connector” that unites hardware, software,
communications, as well as cloud and virtualized services.

Softcell applies our strengths, extensive expertise, and certifications in leading networking technologies to provide a range of IT infrastructure solutions that:

  • Optimize your network performance and availability
  • Maximize your existing technology investments
  • Allow you to deploy new business solutions and technologies quickly and seamlessly
  • Routing & Switching

    Efficient segmentation and administration of network traffic and workgroups are the keys to your network performance – and user productivity. Softcell IT engineering specialists utilize advanced routing and switching technologies from Cisco, Dell and other leading manufacturers to enhance the delivery of your applications and services, enable collaboration, and deliver business continuity by ensuring highly available systems and applications.


    Today’s trends toward mobility and telecommuting require untethered access to your networks. Softcell’s IT engineering team has deep experience with wireless local area network (WLAN) technologies. Our incorporation of wireless capabilities into your IT infrastructure extends network access to remote users and ensures that they remain productive – and seamlessly and securely connected – to your business-critical data and applications.


    We offer professional services to help customers in building next generation IPv6 ready networks. Our network consultants have extensive experience of IPv6 and are capable of understanding how IPv6 can be best deployed in different circumstances /scenarios.

    IPv6 Services offered by Softcell

    Consultation and professional services:
    End to end consultation in design and implementation of next generation IPv6 ready networks

    Assessment and migration services:
    Network assessment for IPv6 readiness and undertaking IPv6 migration projects

    IPv6 hosting solutions:
    Our IPv6 ready Internet data centre help customers host their public facing web servers, Mail servers, DB & Application servers on IPv6 platform.

    Supporting Change

    Whether you are designing a new network or need to address specific challenges in an existing solution – such as bandwidth, availability, connection, or scalability – Softcell’s networking solutions are designed to grow with your business, secure your business, and enable you to integrate new services and technologies seamlessly into your network environment, extending their benefits easily to users across your organisation.

    Get in touch with our Data Centre specialists for a free assessment today.