Making devices and services easily accessible across the country

Device Deployment

Softcell has offices at 6 locations across India. Delivery of the devices is managed by our team locally at these locations. To make the device available to end users of enterprise customers who may be spread across various locations in India, we have agreements in place with most of the large logistics service providers. This ensures that we are able to deliver the devices to any corner of the country as long as a pin code is available for the location.

Given that vast geography of India and the various regulations in place in different states, it is important that due processes and rules are followed in the movement of goods (i.e. devices). Many states and cities in India require formal documentation for inward entry of goods from other states / cities. We have a fairly good understanding of these regulations and our team works closely with enterprise customers in ensuring that the documentation requirements are complied with.

A key requirement during deployment of devices is the ability to manage and service these devices remotely. We work closely with our customers in suggesting the right device management solution that helps them manage the devices even in remote locations. We work closely with Authorised Service Provider(s) of Apple who have presence in more than 100 cities to offer on-site service to enterprise customers, as and when required. We ourselves are an Authorised Service Provider for the Pune location.