We provide a hassle free purchase for our enterprise customers

Device Fulfillment

Our device fulfilment services are focused on customers in the enterprise customers space. We source our products only from Authorised Distributors of Apple in India. The benefit that enterprise customers derive is that they get to use products on which appropriate custom duties and taxes have been paid for. This is an extremely important consideration for enterprise customers operating in India as they are regularly assessed by various tax departments and have to ensure adequate paperwork to show compliance on taxation.

Our pricing at times may appear to be higher than that of a retail outlet or an online store. We encourage customers not to compare our pricing with these entities. A retail outlet or online store is essentially proprietor driven and has vastly different considerations for pricing.

Our team has experience of working closely with many enterprise customers who initially did not consider iOS as a mobility option purely on technological and commercial / pricing considerations.

As an Apple Authorised Commercial Reseller we invest in a dedicated sales and technical team at all locations and continuously invest in ensuring that all the certifications are updated to the current level. Our cost structure and overheads is also very different from that of a retail outlet or online store. Our team members engage with enterprise customers during pre and post sales process and are available at any point of time to support them. From a pricing perspective we make it a point that our sourcing team negotiates the best possible price points which in turn is passed on to the customers.

Volume Purchase Programme:

We believe that sourcing for prices for each and every requirement places a heavy overhead on the procurement team of enterprise customers. We encourage most of our enterprise customers to sign up for a volume purchase plan with Softcell. Customers get the benefit of placing orders at a uniform, cost-effective price which eliminates the need for their procurement team to shop for Apple prices from different vendors.