A software solution that works as a bridge, connecting
financial lending institutions & credit bureaus, meeting
rigorous compliance standards and integrating seamlessly
from ground zero to BAU in nine weeks.

Our neutral solution has in-built capabilities to allow the users flexibility to set up user defined GUI based on comprehensive rule trees, enabling lenders to integrate their credit risk systems to multiple Credit Bureaus (CB) in nine weeks. This coupled with our “Pay Per Use” translates to a low cost & time-to-market advantage. MultiBureauTM now connects to 28 products of the 4 Credit Bureaus plus NSDL eGov (PAN) and UIDAI’s CIDR for Aadhaar (both authentication & KYC).



Neutral service provider connecting to all four credit bureaus.

We offer our solution to all lending institutions with risk analysis from the four credit bureaus as we have a non- exclusive tie-up which allows for the lender to access credit risk information from any or many of the credit bureaus based requirements


Minimal software hardware at customer location results in ease of integration

Our solution has been designed to ensure the user organisations investment on hardware or software investments in nil or at best minimal


MultiBureauTM is a pay by use solution

Our “pay per use” model ensures a zero capex investment and allows the user organisation to leverage the economic benefits to the maximum


Pre built services means agile set up & zero capex

Our pre-built services like configurable rule engine means a swift set up with no capital expenditure


Banks policy for different CIC’s can be hosted through our solution ensuring 100% compliance


The solution provides connectivity over Intranet and it is also ready for CPU to CPU usage


Maximises Credit Insight by leveraging financial insight data with analytics available from multiple bureaus


Configurable rule engine can help risk managers improve bureau hit-rate by 25%


MIS Reconciliation saves 15% bureau leakage


Analytics and visualisation leads to 5% reduction in credit loss


Multiple connection protocols
to interface different bureau systems

GUI to set
rules and workflows

Platform agnostic solution
that works across varied bank &
bureau systems

In-built security protocols
applicable across the industry

Sophisticated MIS to enable
customised Reporting & Analytics

Asynchronous communication
reduces the down-time risks

Flexible Transformation Modules
with ability to handle various
data environments

Ease of integration
with the source systems by
re-using access processes

CICRA compliant

All Credit Bureaus have
recognised MultiBureauTM as a
Bureau Interface solution

Key Differentiators:

Multiple Deployment Options

Connectivity Type

  • CPU to CPU
  • Screen based (batch/online)
  • Pre-Integrated with Bureau Products

    We support Credit Bureau products across the four bureaus in India

  • MultiBureauTM also has pre-packaged interfaces for some LOS / LAPS products
  • Data Integrity

    Inbuilt Maker-Checker features

  • Industry standard security
  • Inbuilt workflow manager for the Technology Administrator
  • Inbuilt & Configurable Rule Engine

    Flexible & GUI based rule trees

  • Can also define consistent rules across Source Systems
  • Maker Checker provision
  • Flexible MIS Reporting

    Activity recap & user audit trail

  • Node level details in rule engine
  • Bureau hit rate & error reports
  • Security Auth change report
  • Custom reporting possible
  • A partial list of our clients in financial corporations who have benefited by implementing MultiBureauTM to their loan processes include HDFC, Bank of Baroda, Union Bank, Capital First, Standard Chartered and DHFL.

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